During his freshman year of college, Bob’s neck was broken by a Full Nelson wrestling hold while roughhousing. The injury damaged his spinal cord, and he’s spent the last twenty-five years as a quadriplegic. His spirit, however, was not damaged. And his journey since then, both literally and metaphorically, has been truly awe-inspiring. After his injury, Bob returned to Florida but re-enrolled at St. Ben’s/St. John’s in the spring 1992 and graduated in 1994, just one year behind his classmates. Following graduation, Bob became a certified public accountant, worked in Arthur Andersen’s Minneapolis office in its tax department and obtained a law degree. He then moved to Washington, D.C. to work at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Next came New York where he fulfilled his dream of working on Wall Street as a securities lawyer. Prior to joining the faculty at St. Ben’s/St. John’s, Bob volunteered for six months in Central America. Bob enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, teaching, and traveling. Bob says he now has the absolute greatest job in the world. Bob earned his Juris Doctor degree from University of Minnesota Law School and Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from College of Saint Benedict / Saint John’s University.

Un Moving Four Ward

This book is for anyone who has faced, is facing, or will face a difficult time in their life. Meaning: it’s for everyone. Equal parts humorous, inspirational, informative, and painfully honest. It provides ample doses of tough love, highlights the impact of a loving mother, and calls you to live the one life you’ve been given to its absolute fullest.